10 years at JDA Architects…. An Unexpected Journey

10 year anniversary

We can’t quite believe it but a quick congratulatory note to our very own Stuart Tallon who has just past his ten year anniversary here at JDA Architects.

Coming in for work experience back in 2008 Stu has become an integral member of the team producing some of the best CGI’s we’re aware of. Now leading the charge into BIM, his role has evolved over the decade he’s been with us……..almost as much as his beard!! But not quite.

We were delighted to present Stu with a voucher for one of Manchester’s finest steak restaurant which he can enjoy with a little bit of well earned time off where he can contemplate the next ten years.

Great effort Stu and thanks for everything.

“We were looking for someone to share in an adventure that we were arranging, and it was very difficult to find anyone” 


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