Planning Approved – Barn Conversion in Greenbelt

JDA Architects working with Mosaic Town Planning were delighted to receive planning approval for the conversion of a number of barns and outbuildings into 6 contemporary new homes.
At the planning committee Mosaic explained:-

The proposals are fundamentally for the conversion of the existing buildings without additions to the built footprint, other than a small garage block to the north which will be perceived as part of the complex of buildings from outside of the site.

There will be some minor demolition of unsympathetic additions which will be remodelled to provide functional and attractive living accommodation, as is evident from the site plans as existing and proposed. conversion of two redundant agricultural buildings to form 6 new dwellings.

The proposal meets the NPPF criteria for conversion of buildings in the Green Belt, re-using a disused building without disproportionate additions, while it will also lead to an enhancement to the immediate setting.

It also meets the local policy of the UDP, including that the buildings are capable of conversion without major reconstruction, suitable access arrangements have been made and it has been established that measures can be undertaken to prevent damage to habitats.

In our view, this is a substantial and impressive group of buildings which are worthy of retention and their conversion to dwellings will help to ensure this in the long-term.

A limited number of new openings are proposed, along with the sensitive use of traditional materials which will respect the rural location and be controlled by conditions. The design of the scheme has been subject to a number of amendments in line with advice received from the Council’s planning officer.

The proposal represents of sustainable development – economically, socially and environmentally. It will provide new housing suitable for both families and smaller households and will contribute towards the five year supply of housing in the Borough.

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