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The Warehouse Saxon House, Saxon St, Denton M34 3DS



Our headquarters in Manchester was self-designed and built in 2007

Offering a mix of 19th Century build and 20th Century design it’s our home for the 21st Century!

Come and take a look

Bill Jennings, Managing Director

As one of the directors, Bill has worked at the Manchester office since JDA started in 2000. Bill works with a number of charities and is particularly proud of his involvement in Tameside. When he isn’t working, Bill loves holidays and fine dining.

Tom Kelly, Director

Tom is an Associate at the Manchester branch and has worked with JDA since 2004. Outside of work, Tom is a keen runner and is currently training for the Manchester marathon.

Rob Henderson, Director

Rob has been a director at JDA since 2004 and now works across both the Manchester and Liverpool offices. For a number of years, Rob has enjoyed working with the homeless and continues to get involved with local charities.

Rob Baines, Technical Manager

Rob has worked at the Manchester branch as an Architectural Technologist since 2012 and qualified in 1993. He is an avid rugby fan and always keeps up to date with the Rugby Union tournaments.

Stuart Tallon, BIM Manager

Stuart is based in Manchester and works in various roles as a BIM Manager, IT Manager and the self-declared Standards Police! He has worked at JDA since 2008 but previously worked as a furniture designer and manufacturer.

Rachel Carter, Practice Manager

Rachel has been the Practice Manager of the Manchester branch since 2014. Rachel spends her spare time with family and is also a keen runner.

Sam Baird, Architect

Sam has worked in Manchester as a Project Architect since 2017, but qualified in 2007. Sam is already a father of one but is excited to soon welcome the arrival of his second child.

Daniel Duke, Architectural Technologist

Daniel is an Architectural Technologist at the Manchester branch and has worked at JDA since 2015 after qualifying in 2013. In his spare time, Daniel trains as a champion power lifter.

Deanna Hetherington, Architectural Assistant

After completing her degree at the University of Manchester, Deanna began her Part 1 experience with JDA in the summer of 2017. She has now returned to university for her Part 2, but enjoyed it so much she has decided to stay with us part time.

Craig Musgrave, Architect

Craig is an Architect at the Manchester branch. He enjoys taking part in sprint triathlons in his spare time.

Samantha Selby, Administrator

Samantha is an administrator at the Manchester branch.

Nick Smith, Architectural Technologist

Nick has worked in the Manchester office as an Architectural Technologist since 2011. As part of his continual improvement, Nick is currently studying for his CIAT exams.

Rachel Taylor, Architect

Rachel is our newest member of the JDA team.